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ZZ Bottom
15th May 1999

The People Exactly Like Me Club is for (get ready for a shock) people exactly like me! Well, not really. I know there aren't a lot of people exactly like me out there, so in practice, the club is for people who share at least one interest that I do.

In other words, this is an excuse to make another lame "all about me" page.
Hope you like it! ;^D hehe...

If you're not exactly like me, then get out! NOW!!!
Oh, alright. You can stay, I s'pose...

Just make sure you watch your back.....   bwahahahaha...                       

After my long hiatus, I have returned to web editing. As for a little personal update, I am now attending
The University of New Hampshire as a freshman, majoring in Computer Science. I am pretty busy with college stuff, so I may be slow in some of my updating, but I will do my best. My major goals right now include completing the Dallas cast page and adding a page on South Park. Anyway, I hope you all continue to support this site. Thanks again.

        - ZZB

        September 8, 1999

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